Our Mission

The mission of Citizens for a Safe & Clean Lake Superior is

  1. to protect and improve the precious environmental resource of the coastal habitat, shoreline and fresh water of Lake Superior and its watershed in Marquette County,
  2. to oppose individual, corporate or governmental action which may jeopardize that resource, and
  3. to encourage community action to preserve the quality of life provided by this Lake Superior coastline environment for generations to come.

CSCLS advocates for the protection and health of the Lake Superior shoreline and watershed in Marquette County, Michigan. Our current efforts are focused on advocating for wetland protection in Marquette County, as well as supporting Powell Township's efforts to strengthen their sense of community and connection to our environment.

We have also presented organized opposition to the Granot Loma spaceport project since 2020, when the ill-conceived plan was announced, through our "Stop the Rocket" campaign. In November 2023, we facilitated the passage of an official resolution in Powell Township in which the Powell Township Board interpreted their Zoning Ordinance and Master Plan as incompatible with a spaceport at Granot Loma. For more information on that decision, read more.


CSCLS Board & Staff

  • Dennis Ferraro - Board President
  • Janet Brodersen - Board Vice President
  • Graham Lund - Board Treasurer
  • Kim Ferraro - Board Secretary
  • Elizabeth Bates - Board member
  • Phil Bakken - Board member
  • Solomon Kronberg - Board member
  • Kaye Hiebel - Board member
  • Michael Lynn - Board member
  • Jane Fitkin - Director of Outreach and Communication