Native Garden and Outdoor Learning Area at the Big Bay Pathway Trailhead

Project overview

In fall of 2023, Powell Township’s Parks and Rec Committee reached out to CSCLS about the possibility of partnering to establish a pollinator friendly native plant garden and outdoor classroom at the Big Bay Pathway Trailhead. The project had been a dream of the Parks and Rec Committee and Powell Township School for some time, and has come together with the help of many wonderful community partners. CSCLS secured grant funding from the U.P. Environmental Coalition and the Community Foundation of Marquette County to carry out this project and would like to thank them for their support.

We’d also like to thank the volunteers who assisted with prepping the site, planting, and mulching to set our native plants up for success. Thanks and appreciation go to the Marquette County Conservation District for supplying plants through their annual wildflower sale and for their guidance in the restoration process. Thanks also to Wilson Creek Woodsmithing for supplying locally crafted benches for the outdoor classroom, Partridge Creek Compost for supplying compost, and North Country Tree Care for supplying wood mulch. 

Why native plants?

Native plants provide habitat and food for pollinators, like butterflies, dragonflies, and native bees. Native plants also have deep roots and can absorb up to 90% more water than non-native species, reducing flooding impacts, runoff, and erosion, as well as requiring little maintenance once established.

A concept map of the garden
A concept map of the garden

Highlights from our 2024 work days