Save Our Shoreline: Everybody’s Backyard

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Video posted by the Upper Peninsula Environmental Coalition:

The Upper Peninsula Environmental Coalition's virtual event '2021 Celebrate the U.P.!'

"Dennis Ferraro will provide an update on Citizens for a Safe & Clean Lake Superior (CSCLS): what they are doing to prevent an intense industrial rocket launch zone at Granot Loma on Lake Superior's Coastline, a resource we all have a duty to protect and sustain, regardless of municipal, township, or neighborhood borders.

Dennis Ferraro is the president of CSCLS, a newly formed Michigan non-profit. Their mission is to protect and improve the precious environmental resource of the coastal habitat, shoreline and fresh water of Lake Superior and its watershed in Marquette County, to oppose individual, corporate or governmental action which may jeopardize that resource, and to encourage community action to preserve the quality of life provided by this Lake Superior."



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